Welcome! And thank you for your interest in working with Deep Roots Psychotherapy.  The following is a list of 20 questions which is an assessment to determine if you are a good candidate to see a sex therapist.  Sex therapy can sound intimidating but I can assure you that I create a safe, supportive and non-judgemental space that allows the conversations to happen, so you can achieve the goals you are working towards.  
If you answer yes to any of the following, contact me for a Zoom or FaceTime consultation.  
Have you ever experienced any unwanted sexual experiences, including but not limited to assault, rape, or non-consensual sex?
Have you ever had to go to confession or speak to a religious leader and or parents about your sexual experiences (by yourself or with someone else) and been told you are bad, shameful, a sinner, or less than before your sexual experience(s)?
Do you struggle with shameful thoughts before, during or after masturbation?
Do you struggle with shameful thoughts before, during or after intercourse?
Do you struggle with shameful thoughts before, during or after sexual contact or play?
Do you struggle with frequency, amount of or lack of sexual experiences?
Do you struggle with the use of pornography or the content of pornography that you view?
Would you rather watch pornography and masturbate than have sex with your partner most of the time you have sex?
Do you rate your sexual experiences base on whether you achieved orgasm?
Do you have difficulty reaching orgasm or orgasm too quickly or not at all?
Do thoughts about sex occupy your mental headspace more or less than you desire?
Do you struggle with thoughts or actions about or around sex?
Have you ever had or want to have an extramarital affair?
Are you concerned about your sexual orientation or gender identity?
D you have difficulty communicating your wants or needs with your sexual partner?
Do you need to ingest alcohol or other substances to participate in or enjoy sex?
Do you ever cry, feel like crying, or feel shameful after you have sex with your partner?
Do you ever cause or create an argument or otherwise engage in other conflict or avoidance behaviors to avoid sexual intimacy with your partner?
Do you experience any pain or discomfort during intercourse, sexual play or during orgasm?
Do you engage in sexual experiences because you feel obligated or feel like it is your duty in your current or past relationships?