How long does a session typically last? How many sessions should I expect to engage in?

Our initial appointment will be approximately 60 minutes, and each following session lasting 50 minutes. The amount and frequency of therapy is varied per individual, pending on life experiences and goals. Therapy is a very proactive form of treatment, our work together will expand beyond the walls of my office.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act HIPAA

The law protects the privacy of all communications between a client and a therapist. In most situations, I can only release information about your treatment to others if you sign a written authorization form that meets certain legal requirements imposed by HIPAA. There are more important facts concerning the limits of HIPAA and your rights, please see “HIPAA” under the forms tab for this additional information.

How much will therapy cost? What if I have insurance benefits? What is my copay and or deductible?

Fees are determined by your insurance company. Each company is different. It is important that you as the client and the insured know what your copay and deductible is. Finding out the answers to these important questions is simple. Please call the customer information phone number on your insurance card, and your insurance representative can answer these questions. Myself and my associates are currently accepting EMI Health, MultiPlan, Optum, PEHP, Select Health, United Healthcare UHC/UBH, and University of Utah Health Plans.

For those clients who are paying for services via cash pay, initial appointments are $175. Initial appointments are typically 90 minutes, and all successive appointments are 50 minutes. We accept Venmo, PayPal, IVY, Visa, Mastercard, Health Savings Account, and cash.

Which insurers do you participate with?

We accept Select Health, EMI Health, PEHP, MultiPlan, Optum, United Healthcare UHC/UBH, and University of Utah Health Plans. 

Cancellation of Appointments

Once your appointment is scheduled, an appointment reminder will be sent via text message. It is up to you as an active participant in therapy to note and remember when your appointment is. Appointment reminders are a professional courtesy that I provide. If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. If you miss your appointment a no-show fee will be charged to your account, and this fee is not covered by insurance companies. If an unexpected circumstance prevents you from attending session, please discuss this with me.

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